In 2016, we began curating learning experiences and conversations, focusing on elevating the best practices of design for social impact across private, public, and philanthropic sectors. In 2017, we started bringing them to you.


21 day challenges

Each 21-day design challenge is built around a unique theme relevant to the purpose-driven impact seeker to help build a practice of introspection, experimentation, and iteration. Click here to learn more about our latest challenge on FOCUS.

Social impact lab

The Social Impact Lab is a hands-on, team-based experience for those who want to make a difference in their community. Click here to learn more.


Spark expedition

Spark Expedition™ is an online discovery program designed for the life-long adventurer drawn towards purpose-driven, impact-oriented work. Click here to learn more.


Design Lyceum PODCAST

The Design Lyceum podcast and speaker series features changemakers and design strategists, sharing their stories of applied human-centered design. Sign-up for our monthly newsletter below to stay tuned about our Winter/Spring 2019 launch.